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USSA Malaysia is dedicated to making a difference in Malaysia's sport culture. We are currently engaged in several research projects and are always interested in ideas others might have.

Who won the Malaysia Games? Selangor, but Terengganu is the real star of the show!

Who won the Asian Games? USSA Malaysia fires up its research department for another riveting analysis

Who won the Commonwealth Games? A points analysis of the Gold Coast games

Who won the SEA Games?

Malaysian schoolchildren study illustrates relative age effect

What is the anaerobic threshold?

"Where do athletes come from?" A paper presented at the Kuching sport psychology conference

Performance Data Project releases percentile tables for International Physical Performance Test

Early sport specialization is not a good development strategy

Coaching 'flow'

The coach's role in creating a deliberate practice environment

When should athletes specialize in a single sport?

Physical literacy: The Holy Grail of health, wellness, and sport development

Revisiting the 10,000 hour rule: Practical thoughts on talent and practice

Let's stop trying to identify sport talent and start developing it


IDPESC 2014 Performance Data Project Report, PDF, 22pp.

Where do athletes come from? Synthesizing experience and research in sport and athlete development, PDF, 10pp.